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About BYLA

About BYLA

BYLA (Butler Youth Lacrosse Association) was established in 2002, playing games and practicing lacrosse at the Butler Athletic Field. In the spring of 2015, we moved to Butler Memorial Park and then in the spring of 2019 moved to Butler Senior High School Stadium, it has been a great transition thus far.


Our goal at BYLA is to teach hard work, respect, teamwork, discipline and accountability through the sport of lacrosse. 


We are a co-ed organization that is open to all Butler Area School District youth and other surrounding school districts, who may not have a youth lacrosse program in their area.


Our season starts in January with registration and ends right around Memorial Day (May 30th).We use indoor practice facilities until the great thaw of winter permits us to move outside.

We here at BYLA our committed to develop not only fine Lacrosse players,but excellent athletes too. We pride ourselves on hard work,respect and dignity. President,refuse to let "Politics" or "favoritism" play a role or hinder any athlete's development or success while enrolled in our program. We are a "developmental feeder program" for both Boy's and Girls' High School Teams,and we simply do just that...Develop!!! 


Hope this information is helpful and answers any questions you might have had.  For any additional questions or concerns please contact us at